Avery Dennison Online Contacts


Contact Kawshik Subhan for the Bangladesh Internet help desk on +880 770 1990 or +880 171 401 6249. Alternatively email the helpdesk hm.support@paxar.com.bd


Contact Robin DeTaeye for the Benelux Internet help desk on +32 9 245 13 29 or email the helpdesk robin.detaeye@paxar.be


Contact Alex Modro for the Brazil Internet help desk on +55 47 3231 0822 or email the helpdesk alex.modro@paxar.com.br


Contact Vladimir Vutov for the Bulgaria Internet help desk on +359 (2)9769040 or email the helpdesk vladimir.vutov@paxar.bg


Contact Arnaud Fichot for France Internet help desk on +33 1 4514 6910 or email the helpdesk arnaud.fichot@paxar.fr

Gulf (UAE)

Contact the Gulf Internet help desk on +971 4 8833 970 or email the EMEA helpdesk emeainternetteam@paxar.co.uk

Hong Kong (and China)

Contact the Hong Kong Internet team on +852 3146 8854 or email the helpdesk login.request@paxar.com.hk

Iberia (Spain)

Contact the Spanish Internet help desk on +34 937464310 or email the helpdesk online@paxar.es


Contact Ritu Kuchroo for the India Internet help desk on +80 413 70411 or email the helpdesk ritu.kuchroo@paxar.in


Contact Allen Yuspandi for the Internet help desk on + 48 22 5194621 or email the helpdesk allem.yuspandi@paxar.co.id


Contact Sandhya Ramlugon for the Indonesia Internet help desk on +230 217 1474 or email the helpdesk sandhya.ramlugon@paxar.mu


Contact Soumya Skouti for the Morocco Internet help desk on +212 22 65 03 00 or email the helpdesk soumya.skouti@paxar.ma


Contact Inge Teigen for the Norway Internet help desk on +47 57680513 or email the helpdesk inge.teigen@paxar.no


Contact Nicole Ngoni for the Germany Internet help desk on +49 5731 7806 600 or email the helpdesk nicole.ngoni@eu.averydennison.com


Contact Beta Kubera for the Internet help desk on + 48 22 5194621 or email the helpdesk beata.kubera@paxar.com.pl


Contact Paula Rodrigues for the Internet help desk on +351 253 844 110 or email the helpdesk paula.rodrigues@paxar.pt


Contact the Romania Internet help desk on +40 214117779 or email the helpdesk online@paxar.ro

Sri Lanka

Contact Ninesh Amirthiath for the Sri Lanka Internet help desk on +94 112 465000 or email the helpdesk online@paxar.lk


Contact Fuat Ceylan for the Turkey Internet help desk on +90 212 4674300 or email the Turkey helpdesk rbis.eu.tur.it@averydennison.com

United Kingdom

Contact the EMEA Internet Team for the UK Internet help desk on +44 (0)115 989 6599

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